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en.SafeWatch Profiling - More Powerful and Enhanced Flexibility

May 02, 2017

en.SafeWatch Profiling; More Powerful and Enhanced Flexibility

EastNets clients can now upgrade to en.SafeWatch Profiling 2.3, a revamped family of solutions featuring powerful new features and functionalities, including goAML plugin as well as global taxation compliance, and KYC products.

The 2.3 release applies a dynamic risk-based compliance engine. It allows for detection prioritization based on the overall customer risk. Compliance officers can add to risk-scoring new scenarios as risk factors.

In addition to adding customizable screening abilities for users and categorizing scanned entities, the new release allows users to create scenarios that consist of multiple sub scenarios.

The en.SafeWatch Profiling 2.3 is now FATCA/GATCA compliant. It meets the updated requirements of US, EU and Global taxation reporting standards for international financial transactions.

These tax compliance-reporting requirements have become essential for financial business continuity worldwide. The revisions to the integrated EastNets Profiling product family includes upgrades targeting customer due diligence capabilities in en.SafeWatch KYC.

Customer data capturing have been optimized to comply with the latest international standards and best practices. This includes obtaining more data on customer and ultimate beneficial owners. Based on the predefined factors, KYC also adopts the same Profiling formula for a FATF-compliant customer risk scoring. All pertinent customer legal documents can also be uploaded as electronic attachments to customer profiles.

And it doesn’t stop there. The 2.3 version also adds a goAML plugin, which allows jurisdictions to effortlessly report to their respective Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs). Connecting local financial institutions to FIUs that gather, centralize and analyze financial transactions for jurisdictions.

Earlier this year EastNets, has started implementing its most innovative and transformative strategy for 2020. The strategy not only raises the bar for each of its solutions, but also brings substantial innovations to the way EastNets does its global business.

The highlight of this strategic transformation will be the consolidation of all compliance and payments solutions into one platform, enabled by technology that unifies and simplifies the delivery of products and services.

EastNets currently serves more than 1000 financial institutions across five continents and 80 countries. Since early last year, the company has embarked on an aggressive expansion plan that will see the level of its products and services expanded within existing regions, and to new markets.

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