en.SafeWatch Profiling: An Introduction to EastNets Transaction Monitoring and Profiling Solution

Product Manager: Mr. Mohammad Zraiqat | Duration: 27 minutes | Category: Compliance Solutions

EastNets SafeWatch Profiling Solution from EastNets Company on Vimeo.

In this recorded training, we are going to give you a broad overview of EastNets’s Anti-money laundering solutions and explain its most important features.

en.SafeWatch Profiling solution helps institutions fight Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing and meet the regulatory requirements through:

  • Monitoring Abnormal Behavior of Accounts and Customers
  • Discovering Abnormal Patterns Based on Peer-group Deviation
  • Risk Management using Risk-based Approach
  • Detection and Case Management
  • Extensive Workflow Customization
  • Accounts & Customers Follow-up Management
  • Fine-tuning to Mitigate the False Positives
  • Report Unusual Transactions to the Competent Authorities
  • Multi-Lingual Interface (support for Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, English, French, Greek, Japanese, Turkish, Vietnamese)
  • User Friendly GUI
  • Scalability
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