UNIX Senior Administrator

Amman, Jordan
7 Years Experience 

Apply by sending CV to: Recruitment@eastnets.com

Job Description:

The candidate will fill the position of a UNIX Senior Administrator. She/he will analyze and resolve program support deficiencies, conducting tests to enhance performance. The broad requirements for the position also entail performing repairs, maintenance and upgrades for existing systems, using solutions in accordance with standard operating procedures. 


  • Manage implementation procedures for technical solutions.
  • Design and prepare technical reports and related documentation to record system metrics.
  • Ensure the availability of all the necessary equipment and/or software required for the customer.
  • Carry out performance monitoring, and give recommendations to management.
  • Performs system administration activity on Solaris 10/11, AIX 6.1/ 7.1/7.2 and Linux RHEL servers and associated virtual zone/containers. This includes troubleshooting, file system issues, updates, modifications and hardware troubleshooting and replacement, including support for hardware and software systems through the ILOM/ALOM and HMC dedicated system.
  • Work closely with SAN, backup, network and oracle database for various configurations, including SAN LUN configurations, backup modification/configurations, network troubleshooting, configuration and changes.
  • Performs system updates through predefined change-control procedures in multiple environments from test/dev to production.
  • Monitors systems through multiple monitoring tools, and performs system health checks, to proactively address system issues including system cleanup to replacement of various hardware such as power supplies, fans, boards, disks, DIMM's and other hardware components on Oracle Sun systems and IBM Power servers.
  • Create formal procedures and system operating procedures for recurring use in multiple environments.
  • Patch Solaris and AIX operating systems with the recommended patches, as well as additional one-off and security patches on all systems.
  • Track troubleshooting and outages and provide detailed reports using root cause analysis with the remedy ticket application, as well as required root-cause analysis. 
  • Create and execute scripts in Korn, Perl and Python for automating various tasks in multiple environments on Solaris servers.


  • Experience: 7 years of UNIX/UNIX-like systems
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